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PRODUCT FEATURE: Seven Reasons Why the CDS2 is the Best Draft Control!

US Draft Co.’s Connector Draft System (CDS2) is designed to monitor and maintain the appliance manufacturer’s recommended outlet pressure by modulating a single-blade damper. With its bi-directional pressure transducer, the CDS2 may be configured to maintain positive or negative pressure at the appliance’s outlet. When the CDS2 is not in operation the damper positively seals the appliance’s outlet to prevent exhaust gas infiltration into the appliance.

The UL 378-listed CDS2 is a complete factory-wired, self-contained package consisting of a pressure controller, single-blade positive seal damper, and bi-directional pressure transducer.

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CDS2 Features & Benefits

  • Fast-acting, high performance modulating damper

  • Maintain optimal outlet pressure throughout the firing cycle

  • Exceptionally effective for appliances requiring a positive outlet pressure

  • Common vent high efficiency appliances; Viton seal to prevent back feeding

  • Approved by major commercial heating appliance manufacturers

  • High value, cost-effective, factory-built solution.

  • Remote monitoring available

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