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PRODUCT FEATURE: Discover the Benefits of Active Compensated Stairwell Pressurization Systems!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

LFSystems recently launched the first-ever UL 864/UUKL-listed, factory-built stairwell pressurization control systems. LFSystems’ Active Compensated Stairwell Pressurization Systems (ACSP) can be used with any manufacturer's fan as long as the motor is inverter duty. The fan’s VFD would be supplied and factory-programmed by LFSystems for the specified motors. There are two systems, Standard and Advanced, to ensure your building’s design is covered.

The Standard and Advanced ACSP will meet or exceed your project’s bid documents.

ACSP Features & Benefits

  • Specifically designed and programmed for stairwell pressurization control

  • Built-in redundancy with multiple transducers

  • Circuit integrity monitoring between FSCS and controller; if there is a fault (ground/open/short) in the wiring the L864 will autostart

  • Packaged system; not piecemealed

  • Listed to UL 864/UUKL per NFPA 92; eliminates the need for on-site listing

  • High value, cost-effective, factory-built solution

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