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SLTNS Engineered Systems® represents some of America’s leading manufacturers, such as LF Systems and US Draft Co.  The manufacturers we’ve chosen exhibit a dedication to innovate and improve the industry while producing high-quality products designed to meet the stringent standards of consulting engineers, mechanical contractors & building owners.

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US Draft Co

US Draft Co. delivers pioneering technology for the chimney and venting industry by bringing the solutions necessary for safe, code-compliant design while simultaneously supplying high-performance, low maintenance, dependable products. US Draft Co. offers a full line of chimney fans, power venters, overdraft control systems, and related controllers.

LF Systems focuses on several markets including clothes dryer exhaust systems, laundry room make-up air systems, and multistory exhaust systems for bathrooms, residential kitchen hoods, & clothes dryers. LF Systems is the first manufacturer to offer a listed, factory-built stairwell pressurization control system.

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Van Packer

Van-Packer Co. offers a complete line of chimneys, engine exhaust systems, and special gas vents. Van-Packer Co. is the first manufacturer to offer both round and rectangular UL 1978 and UL 2221 factory-built (zero clearance) grease ducts with integrated fire resistive enclosure assemblies.

Duravent is a recognized technical leader in providing innovative solutions for the venting industry. DuraVent is committed to providing the industry with cutting-edge special gas vent, products, pressure stack, grease duct, and polypropylene products. 

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